Gambling In The Online Casino – Obscure Legal Situation, But Pay N Play Is On The Rise

Online gambling is facing some changes. While some work in favor of the players, others even shake the legality of proton888 online casinos and betting shops. On the one hand, the focus is on the opaque legal situation, for which the State Treaty on Gaming, Schleswig-Holstein and, last but not least, expiring licenses are responsible. On the other hand, Pay N Play seems to be establishing itself more and more as a registration and deposit method in one.

This is how registration in the online casino has been done so far

If users wanted to play roulette and poker in an online casino, cash in their tips for the upcoming Bundesliga matchday in a sports betting office or submit the hopefully correct numbers on a lottery site, they had to register quite extensively with the provider. The whole thing cost nerves, time and often made the desire to gamble disappear when registering. There was no getting around the input of personal data, so that the first and last name, the date of birth and the current address as well as an e-mail address and often the telephone number had to be given. In particular, giving a telephone number was and is for many users the disclosure of very sensitive information that ideally needs to be bypassed.

The new registration procedure makes registration superfluous

Due to the rather cumbersome registration at many online casinos and betting shops on the Internet, providers and users have been looking to Sweden with interest since 2018. This is where the developer of the Pay N Play concept – Trustly -, who cooperates with proton888 ewallet online casinos, comes from. From the user’s point of view, this was also necessary, because they repeatedly noticed longer waiting times at other payment providers, time-consuming verification of identity and further checks. Pay N Play was mainly developed for two reasons: On the one hand, it should help to overcome the hurdles mentioned for users with a view to fast gaming and at the same time generate more new registrations for online casinos.

On the other hand, the elimination of the conventional registration should also ensure that gamblers feel more reminiscent of a real casino on site. In that game, players do not have to enter a lot of personal data before they can try their luck at the machines and gaming tables. In the on-site casino, everything is easier and faster. Adventurers longing for the jackpot enter the arcade, exchange their money for chips and gamble. Prizes can be taken in cash. Numerous users have wanted this accessibility online over the years – and Pay N Play makes it possible. There are now many providers with bonuses, free spins and access without registration, which is why the choice is difficult.

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