Farm Club meets weekly to learn psycho-social skills by spending time with our animals and a supportive group of peers and facilitators.

Who is Eligible?

Kids between ages 9-12 who:

  • Have experienced a traumatic event such as an accident, illness, loss of loved one, loss of home, or witnessing violence; or

  • Are living with ongoing trauma such as poverty, homelessness, abuse, neglect, living with domestic violence in the home, has an incarcerated or absent parent, or is in foster care.

  • Are otherwise involved with a social service provider who is willing to provide a referral them to this program.

What is the Program?

Farm Club groups are led by highly-trained facilitators, who serve as mentors. Groups split their time between psycho-social skill building activities and animal interaction activities. These activities may include supportive circles to build skills in emotional awareness, communication and conflict resolution, self-care and healthy coping, games, and nonverbal expression such as music, art, and movement. In addition to the more intellectual learning we do we also spend time with the animals doing care activities and interactions with the farm animals, as well as learning about stewardship of the land.

For eligibility screening, enrollment, and questions please contact us at

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