What others are saying about our day camps:

  • "Great setting, peaceful, beautiful. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere; this was about hanging out and enjoying horses, enjoying the outdoors. It felt like summer should be." -- Liz Frey
  • "I had so much fun! Their horses are really nice and fun to ride!" -- Madison J. (age 10)
  • "Our kids loved the day camps. It made me wish I was young again! I can't think of a better way for a child to spend part of his or her summer. We'll be enrolling again next year." -- Sharon Richards
  • "These camps are a wonderful way to bring kids and animals together in a safe, fun, educational manner. The farm is lovely, and the animals are all gentle and friendly. We've been to a couple of other day camps and these were definitely the best and most well-rounded." -- Danielle Jensen
  • "Best summer camp ever! I made new friends for life. Zen is my favorite horse!" -- Chloe L. (age 8)
  • "This isn't just about horses. This is about learning to respect nature and other beings, human or otherwise. Highly recommended." -- Gary Francis
  • "Great staff. My kids fell in love with all the leaders. Thank you for being so supportive and upbeat!" -- Rochelle McReynolds
  • "What fun! The memories will last us a lifetime. Thank you!" -- Jen Erickson
  • "I saw the staff as a definite strength -- experienced, knowledgeable and caring." -- Fran Eide
  • "I really liked the games and I learned lots about horses and nature too." -- Gabby F. (age 6)
  • "Our community is better for having a program like this. They have really put together an exceptional thing that will help a lot of people. The kids really enjoyed it." -- Dave Harmon
  • "Great counselors; mature, gentle, interested in the kids, knowledgeable." -- Jennifer Anderson

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