Youth Mentoring

At Nature Nurtures Farm, we believe children deserve and benefit greatly -- socially and psychologically -- from time and attention from responsible adults, and we're committed to providing a place where they'll feel safe and valued. Our mentoring program pairs at-risk youth (and, in some cases, their families) with caring adult or older teen mentors to provide this nurturing experience.

Each session
is one to two hours depending on the age of the child, who is teamed with his or her own mentor for the duration. All of our mentors are trained, supervised, and dedicated to helping the child feel connected and heard. Activities are largely child-driven, though generally about half of each session is spent doing a farm-related task, while the other half consists of a fun, animal-related activity of the child’s choosing. We've seen time after time how horses and other animals have a knack for relating to children on a level humans often do not or cannot. They can serve as counselors of sorts, as well as motivators, confidants, and friends. Please note that for safety reasons the mentoring program does not include any horseback riding, participants do have the opportunity to work with the horses from the ground. 

Our program is made possible through the generous donations of time, talent, and money from our wonderful volunteers, sponsors, and donors, as well as tuition from our day camps for children of all ages and abilities.

To qualify for this free program participants must be referred by a social service agency, school or other counselor, or pediatrician. If your child qualifies for this program and you are interested in them participating please email us for a mentoring program application. If you would like to visit the farm prior to applying please see the Visit Us page for more information.

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