At Nature Nurtures Farm we believe that children build confidence and self-esteem and learn unique lessons about their importance in the world, responsibility, stewardship, and kindness when they become comfortable and familiar with nature and animals. We try as much as possible to facilitate that learning. Childhood is a pricelessly important time when children learn lessons and build beliefs that will last their entire lives. We feel privileged to spend time with children during this time in their life, and we strive to provide them with an enriching environment that encourages confidence, responsibility, creativity, and curiosity.

Children are encouraged to speak, listen, share information, solve problems, ask questions, and show empathy, in a supportive environment. While nice toys and equipment are important, we feel it is the attention and focus of warm and caring adults who listen and interact with your child that will best support their learning.

Above all, we believe in the joy and excitement that comes with time spent at Nature Nurtures Farm. Whether pulling a carrot from the ground, collecting warm eggs from under a hen, building forts, or taking an alpaca for a walk, we hope that youth of all ages can feel connected to the many layers of learning possible on this dynamic landscape. Nature Nur
tures Farm’s School and Child Development Center recognizes each child’s individuality and supports their experience of discovering the world and who they are in it. This simple philosophy helps to create meaningful learning experiences no matter the environment we are in on a given day.