Nature Nurtures Farm welcomes your donation of any size. It is only through generous donations from our supporters that we are able to serve the youth and animals who need us. Thank you!

If you prefer to mail a check it may be made out to Nature Nurtures Farm and mailed to:

Nature Nurtures Farm
2406 Delphi Rd SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Nature Nurtures Farm is registered through the Secretary of State's Charities Program. Potential donors can obtain financial and other registration information about Nature Nurtures Farm by contacting the charities Program at 1-800-332-4483, or online at

If you would like to donate to a specific purpose, please consider donating the cost of one of our wish-list items:

Wheelbarrow : $90 

Tool set: $120
Cordless drill set: $215
Skil saw: $85
Manure forks x 4: $15
Water bucket x 5: $12
Automatic gate opener: $500
Indoor arena: $350,000

Dewormer for 14 horses: $140
Sweet feed, per bag: $12
Corn oil, one-month supply: $30
Rabbit or chicken feed, per bag: $17
Pigeon feed, per bag: $22
Straw, per bale: $7
One ton timothy or alfalfa hay: $350
One ton local grass hay: $250

Thank you to all our supporters!

The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound
Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation
No. 9 Hay
The Howard Peters Trust
Ms. Jeannie Nordstrom
Luke & Whitney Bowerman
Sue O'Hare
Connie Craig
The 5-Yard Line
Bonnie Yenney
Paul Nghiem & Stephanie Lee
Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital
Healing Touch for Animals
Sarah Bous-Leslie
Jenny Casper
Friendly Grove Dog Resort & Spa
Becca Penney
Rob Penney
Trish Baker
Michelle Thieling
Leigh Cullen
Donna Bunten
Eileen King
Susan Jensen
Kate Fehsenfeld
Wanda Buckner
Terra Grandmason
Melissa Wideman
Dawn Heinecke
Dean Alker
Olivia Salazar-DeBreaux
Julie Mackey
Paula Lester
B.E. Stearns
Cora Brooke
S. Olson
Annor Benson
Rebecca Rosinbum
Shelly Anne Rosen
Wayne Monts
Brad Thompson
Cedar Wolf
Lisa Wolf
Cathie Carlson
Jana McKinley
Tara Weaver
Debbie Barenborg
Tracy Papachristadoulou
M. Otwell
Lisa & Elisa Savoia
Emilia & Geri Beardsley
Penelope Delapp
Karen, David & Amanda Warwick
Sarah Davis
Lauren Lopp
Nayumi Keegan
Roberta Waggoner
Atma Druz
Janet Beagley
Natalee Andrews
Doreen Swetkis
Erica Stanojevic
Teresa Lee
Tristin Strohmeyer
Lencioni Family
Rebecca Stover
Diana Dupuis
Patrick Welsch
C.L. Halsen
Leslie Delorenzo