About Us

Nature Nurtures Farm brings young people and animals together to build empathy, teach responsibility, and inspire hope.

Our innovative programs promote and strengthen children's emotional health and family relationships. Nature Nurtures Farm is dedicated to providing educational, therapeutic, and recreational services to youth and families in a safe and peaceful environment that fosters dignity, compassion, and respect for all living things.

Children with emotional challenges often respond to animals in ways they can’t, or won't, to fellow humans. These bonds elicit a nurturing, empathetic instinct. Learning to properly care for and understand animals develops a sense of responsibility and pride. A child whose trust was shattered by a person is far more likely to risk friendship with an animal because the animal does not ask questions, doesn't judge, and never shares his or her secrets. Animals then help to bridge communication with caring adults, forming emotional skills that lead to healthy relationships.

Our humane education programs teach participants how to be responsible citizens and advocates for those who can't advocate for themselves. Children are naturally inclined to care for and protect animals; humane education can teach them to take action in support of a cause they believe in. This new role feels important and meaningful, boosts self-efficacy and self-esteem, and increases feelings of stewardship for the natural environment.

Located on 23 tranquil acres in the beautiful Delphi Valley of Olympia, Washington, Nature Nurtures Farm also offers a variety of day camps for children of all ages and abilities. These five-day summer camps are open for registration to the general public, with all proceeds funding our mentoring program for at-risk youth. Additionally, in 2015 Nature Nurtures Farm opened a nature based licensed childcare program at a separate location on the east side of Olympia.

Many of our 100-plus animals -- horses, alpacas, goats, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, pigeons, dogs, and cats -- were rescued from neglect or abuse, powerful symbols of resilience and recovery to impressionable minds who desperately need them. When an animal comes to Nature Nurtures Farm, it has a home for life. Our goal is for every young person who visits us to feel a similar sense of security and promise.